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Casino Security: The Modern Approach

The casino is where individuals play different kinds of gambling games for a chance of getting real money. Yes, there is a presence of huge amounts of cash; that is why there are sneaky people who took their way into the jackpot or were tempted to cheat.

Today, there is a massive casino all over the world. They are mostly located in themed buildings, five-star hotels, housing restaurants in big cities, theaters, bars, nightclubs, snack bars, gaming tables, slot machines, theme parks, and even gift shops. Therefore, casino security must function as the police department in the entire city. It is their responsibility to ensure that their clients are secured and feel safe to go in their establishment and play there. Casino security ensures to provide the top-notch security and safety measures of their customers and employees.

What is casino security?

Generally, the term casino security refers to an act to safeguard casino customers and the establishment itself.

The temptation to commit crimes is always there, considering that there is a significant amount of cash involved within a casino. It makes casino security essential in various gambling houses.

These days, the typical security level of security at casinos includes surveillance cameras located throughout the area and operated by people trained enough to find stealing and cheating incidents by both employees and players. In the past, casino security was considered more than a ‘muscle man.’ But today, casino security jobs are a million investment that can be considered a complex and crucial police department.

Modern casinos today include two important parts: specialized surveillance and physical security force. They work closely with each other to ensure that the casino’s assets and the guests are safe at all times.

What does casino security do?

Given the face value, you may see that casino security is not very tight. But the truth is, these properties are more guarded than banks, shopping malls, and other high tech profile properties in town.

It’s a known fact that casinos handled a massive amount of cash every day. And they can’t do it a more secure and safe way without the help of the security jobs casino.

Usually, what most security casino jobs do is not only to ensure everything is safe but to make things in order and organize inside the casino. They are responsible for putting strict measures, so criminals and other forms of crimes don’t get a chance to steal.

It’s a good thing that most casinos today are equipped with high tech and use powerful tools to detect people who are about to commit a crime. Aside from that, there are many things that casino security does. Below are some of the most crucial things they are helpful with.

Watching on the casino floor

It is made possible with the use of hidden cameras and other tricks. They serve as undercover agents who keep a close watch on the casino floor. The hidden cameras of a casino use state-of-the-art tools to hone in on players. It can see sneaky behaviors like cheating practices, no matter how difficult it is to the human eye. It may catch suspicious events and closely monitor all tables inside the casino floor.

Aside from hidden cameras and surveillance systems, undercover securities working in a casino may act as a client or tourist but patrol more on the casino floor. Part of their work is to find any ordinary act, including people who sell and use drugs inside the establishment and customers who cheat.

Monitoring the entire premises

Most of the time, the casino security works closely on the cashier dens. But these days, the team of casino security learned about the red flags of robberies mostly happening at the casino grounds and not only in casino floors. Therefore, today’s casino security also monitors the entire casino establishment to search for warnings and signs of robbery.

Monitoring employees

Some casino employees or staff collaborated with patrons in planning or cheating robberies. Because of this, casino security officers try to monitor them, especially if there are losses found, which can be attributed to theft and cheating.

Protecting the casino’s SSL

Most casinos use the 128-bit encryption to ensure that hackers will have difficulty accessing every casino system. Sometimes, they also take advantage of the wireless network the casino operates and access the surveillance cameras to see in full view what cards other casino players got. They will relay the information then to their accomplice player in the casino.

In this situation, the casino security must ensure that all these suspicious connections to the casino establishment’s SSL are terminated right away.

Making sure of the vault’s security

Casinos keep a large amount of cash every day, especially when they reserve money to back up chips in every one play. You can see that it’s easy for robbers to access vaults inside the casino in Hollywood films. But the fact is that vaults inside casino premises are highly equipped. It will be hard for robbers to steal or break it.

Creating deterrence with armed security

With armed security it will remind robbers that they are being monitored or watched. It’s enough to make these criminals back off. But sometimes, robbers and criminals are not fearless at all, but the thought that they can exchange fire with these armed securities might scare them off.

Training employees on crisis management

The casino security is responsible for training other employees and staff to know how to deal with crises or incidents that might happen inside casinos.

Robbery can happen, especially when there’s a tremendous amount of money. All employees must ensure that they are ready to face it and know how to act when it happens. No one is safe when it comes to robberies and other uncertainties, so they must have the ability to protect themselves.

Security must train employees or casino staff as well on how to know and report suspicious activities. They must work with their co-employees in stopping it right away. They must understand these things and learn how to respond to help secure the place and the people inside it.

Working closely and directly with local law enforcement

In the event of a robbery, casino security must work closely with local law enforcement. Most of the time, security uses silent alarms and warns law enforcement right away to get assistance. Even in ensuring vault security, casinos chose the silent alarms. Hence, robbers had to take time to access the vault without them knowing that police enforcement is already on the way to catch them.

Take Security and Safety in Your own Hands

Modern casinos are a carefree environment. That’s why you want to stay there not only for real money purposes but also to have fun and forget your troubles. Winning is not always possible, so you must not expect to earn more. But at least, you are expecting it to be a safe environment where you can play and gamble. Unfortunately, naive, trusting people congregate in huge numbers, surrounded by big cash of disposable money, robbers, and predators in the society. Thieves are everywhere, and they have their ways to get your hard-earned cash inside casinos. As a responsible person, one must be vigilant of their environment at all times. You must practice safety and security measures to ensure you and your money are secure, especially if you are one of the many targets of robbers.

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